Top 3 Signs You Require Storm Damage Roof Repairs

A severe storm can cause immeasurable destruction to your residential roof. While some damage, like missing shingles and broken roof flashing, is noticeable, other problems aren't easy to point out by visual inspection. That's why it's important to schedule a roof inspection after a heavy and destructive storm. If you fail to do this, minor issues will gradually worsen, necessitating roof replacement. Fortunately, plenty of signs can help you decide if your residential roof requires repair after a severe storm. Read on.

Shingles Missing From Your Roof

If you have recently experienced a severe hailstorm, there is a good chance that loose shingles got detached. Such inclement weather can even remove granules from your shingles, leading to cracks on the roof. So, if you notice missing shingles or excessive granule loss, contact your roof repair expert for the necessary repairs. 

And even if the shingles are intact, but you notice small cracks on the roof, you still need the help of a residential roofing expert. Remember that such a minor issue may not pose an immediate threat but can be the source of an enormous issue during the next storm.

Water Ponds on the Rooftop

During a heavy rainstorm, the uneven areas of your flat roof will collect water ponds. If you don't take quick action to address it, the water will stress your roofing material, resulting in tearing and leaks. So, at the first sign of water puddles, be sure to seek the assistance of a roof repair expert. Besides addressing your water pooling concern, they'll check the attic for leaks and moisture penetration. They may suggest insulation replacement in order to prevent mold growth.

Leaks from Your Gutter and Chimney 

When it's raining heavily, tree branches and leaves collect on your rooftop. This debris can cause significant damage to your roof if not removed immediately. Besides that, the small branches and leaves can be washed by rainwater and accumulate in the gutter. This prevents the proper flow of water from your roof, leading to leaks and water pooling. Eventually, the gutters will start pulling from the roof system. Moreover, a severe hailstorm can destroy the flashing around the chimney. So, if you notice water around your fireplace, be sure to seek the help of a roof repair expert.

Your roof plays an important role in protecting your home's interior space and family. For that reason, you shouldn't ignore the roof's repair needs after a heavy storm. Call a residential roofing contractor if you have concerns.