Are You Planning On Replacing Your Flat Roof? Here Are 3 Ways How Switching To A Sloped Metal Roof Can Save You Money

If your building has an aging flat roof and you're thinking about removing and replacing it, you may want to consider retrofitting it to a sloped metal roof instead. Metal roofs are very durable, and you can save a lot of money by converting your flat roof into a metal roof.

Metal roofs need to be sloped in order to function correctly, as pooling water can make its way between the seams where two metal panels join together. Thankfully, converting a flat roof to a sloped roof is a fairly easy process—a commercial roofing company will build a lightweight metal frame on your current roof to support your new metal roof. To learn three ways how switching to a metal roof can save you money, read on.

1. Eliminates Roof Removal Costs

One of the best reasons to convert your flat roof to a sloped metal roof system is that you'll eliminate the expense of needing to tear off your current roof. Tearing off a flat roof on a large commercial building can be quite expensive, and you'll often need to suspend operations in the building while the work is being performed.

Stopping work can reduce your revenue, which only adds to the cost of removing a roof. Converting your flat roof to a sloped metal roof makes financial sense for building owners by reducing the costs associated with installation.

2. Reduces Your Electricity Use

In addition to reducing installation costs, a sloped metal roof can help you save additional money by reducing energy expenses. A commercial roofing company can add insulation between your existing flat roof and the new sloped metal roof, and this extra layer of insulation helps keep the inside of your building at a comfortable temperature. It reduces heat losses through the roof to the sky above during the winter, and it reduces heat gain from sunlight shining on your roof during the summer.

Your building's HVAC system won't need to run as often in order to keep employees and customers comfortable, which means that you'll reduce the amount of electricity you use.

3. Costs Less to Maintain

Finally, sloped metal roofs can reduce the amount of money you spend maintaining your roof. It's very easy to perform repairs on a metal roof, since any damaged panels can be removed and replaced in order to fully repair it.

Flat roofs need to be inspected frequently by a commercial roofing company since it's difficult to assess their condition from the ground, and repairing a flat roof by patching it isn't as effective as replacing a metal panel—the patched area is usually weaker and more likely to leak again compared to a newly installed roof. Keeping a sloped metal roof in good condition is easier, which reduces the amount you'll spend on maintenance.

If you're planning on removing your flat roof, call a commercial roofing company in your area to learn more about converting it to a sloped metal roof instead. You'll be able to skip the roof removal process by installing a metal roof on top of your current roof, and you'll be able to save money on your energy bills from the increased insulation.