PVC Roofing Installation Services Involved in Getting Your New Roof

PVC roofing has many advantages, and that's why it's a popular choice for flat buildings. PVC membranes can be installed on homes, schools, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings because it's tough enough to stand up to many types of threats. In addition, PVC roofing membranes are fairly quick and easy to install. Here's a look at some PVC roofing installation services you might need when you get your roof.

A Plan for the Installation

A plan is developed for putting on your new roof so you and your employees are bothered as little as possible. The first step is a moisture check so the roofer can tell if the new PVC membrane can go over the old roofing. Membrane roofing is thin, so it's installed over insulation boards. If a membrane is punctured, the board below it soaks up water.

The amount of water damage determines if the new PVC membrane is installed over the old roof or if the old roofing can come off and be recycled. Once this is known, the roofer can come up with a plan for putting on your new roof.

Repairs and Cleaning

If your roofer decides to install the new PVC membrane over the old roof, they might need to make a few repairs to the old roof first to seal up leaks or adjust the slope for better drainage. After making the repairs, the contractor sweeps or blows the roof to get rid of debris and prepare it for the new PVC roofing installation.

Inspection of the New Roof

Installing PVC roofing is straightforward, but the roofer has to work carefully to make sure the work is done properly. A seam that isn't fully welded will start to leak eventually. Screws that aren't fastened properly might pop out and leak.

An important step in PVC roofing installation is an inspection that checks the work. Inspections might be done as the work progresses, but making sure there are no risks of leaks on the roof is an important task.

Final Walk-Through

You don't want your roofer to put your new roof on and then vanish. Instead, talk to them about how to maintain the roof and establish a schedule for checks and care. PVC roofs are fairly easy to maintain, and most maintenance involves patching up holes or fixing seams.

You don't want to forego proper maintenance or a roof leak could eventually harm your roof and building. One of the final PVC roofing installation services you'll probably need includes a walk-through of the finished job so you're aware of what was done and what you need to do next.