The Steps To Follow When Replacing Your Roof

The roof protects the internal parts of the house, the basement, and the foundation from damage and inclement weather. However, constant exposure to the damaging weather elements wears down the roof, necessitating a replacement. But you could replace your roof for other reasons such as old age and change of style in a home remodeling project. Here are the steps you and your roofer should follow when replacing the roof.

Identifying a Competent Contractor

It's important to identify a reliable and competent roof contractor to ensure appealing and lasting results. As such, you should first view their previous project portfolio and check reviews on their website. Then, if satisfied, reach out to them and schedule an assessment of the roof. Once the contractor inspects the roof, they will create a quotation of the materials needed, the duration the project is likely to take, and the cost of labor.

Delivering the Materials and Installing Safety Measures

As the project commences, the contractor first prepares the site by setting apart a portion of your yard to store the materials. Typically, your suppliers should deliver the materials a day before to avoid cluttering your compound. 

It is advisable to keep the supplies in a dry place. Besides that, you should remove anything that could interfere with the contractors' work, including cars and dog houses. Remember that your new roof will only be as good as the quality of your materials. Therefore, invest in a quality roof for a satisfying result. And if unsure about the choices, consult your contractor for some shopping tips. 

Taking Down the Old Roof

After the preparatory stage, it's time to bring down the old roof. Usually, the roofers begin from the furthest corner away from the collection bin. In addition to the roof, the contractors also work on the gutters. In that case, they will clean the channels to remove old roof debris and leaves to clear blockages. Besides that, they'll check for leaks in the gutters and fix them.

Installing the Roof and Polishing It 

Installing the new roof is the next part of the process. In most cases, the old roof removal and the new roof installation proceed concurrently. However, this is only possible if you have a sufficient number of roofers. After the installation is complete, the roofers clean and clear it to bring out a polished finish. 

Completion of the Project

Ideally, a competent contractor will inspect the new roof for errors. For instance, they will check for leaks in areas prone to leakages. Finally, they will clear the working area and restore your backyard to its original look. 

Roof installation is an intricate process, and it determines the overall comfort of your home and the roof's longevity. So, in addition to investing in a premium roof, hire a competent and reputable roofing contractor for your roof replacement project.