Things To Know About Commercial Re-Roofing For Your Building

Is the current roof on your commercial building not looking so hot these days? Maybe it's no longer energy efficient and you are thinking it's time for a roof replacement? Before you go down that path, one additional option to consider would be a commercial re-roofing system. Here's why this type of system might be the right choice for your roof and what you need to know before you go down this path.

Re-Roofing Installs a New Roof On Top of the Old One

Typically, when it's time for a roof replacement, you would fully uninstall the old roof, which means hiring a team of contractors to tear it all up before you start putting the new roof down. But with re-roofing, the old roof stays in place and the team then just installs the new roof on top of the old one. Polyurethane foam is a popular material for this type of job because of how easy it is to get the foam on top of another material, but there are other options out there. You'll want to talk to an expert to find the right material for your particular needs.

Restore Your Building's Look and Energy Efficiency for a Fraction of the Cost of a Full Roof Replacement

Because no one has to tear up the old roof before putting the new one down, this will require less labor on the part of the roofers and that can help keep your costs down. You'll be able to restore the professional look of your commercial building while also restoring or boosting your building's energy efficiency, and you should be able to do all of this without anyone even realizing that the old roof is still underneath.

Make Sure This is Legal in Your State or Town and Contact a Professional to Get It Done Right

While this might sound good to you, you should also read up the laws and regulations for commercial buildings in your state or town. There might be limits on how many times you can add another layer of roofing on top of an old one, if you are even allowed to at all. Again, a local commercial roofing company is likely the best point of contact because they will be familiar already with any such regulations and will be able to help you navigate the situation in a way that is legal and works best for your business.