Factors To Consider For Your New Roof Color

Even though roofs mainly protect your house, your roof color can completely change your home's look. Whatever color you inquire about from roofing contractors for installation will likely stay on your home for decades. So, you are better off if you choose the right color. Choosing a color for your new roof installation can send you into a tailspin. Find below the factors you should consider.

The Color of Your House

Your house's exterior color dictates your roof color. Permanent components such as stone and brick exterior will likely last longer than the roof. So, you should let the roof color match with the permanent components. Here is a list of possible roof colors for different exteriors.

  • White exteriors. White is versatile and pairs with any color roof, especially dark ones like gray, brown, black, and green.

  • Blue exterior. Suitable roof colors include black and gray.

  • Beige home. Preferable colors are gray, green, blue, black, and brown.

  • Yellow home. Brown, blue, black, and gray roofs would go well with yellow exteriors.

  • Wood home. Green, brown, or gray roofs would match well without clashing with the natural wood color.

The Architectural Style

Some architectural styles go well with a variety of colors. However, certain styles look right with specific roof colors. Black, charcoal, and dark gray roofs go well with modern styles. Diversely, red roofs are a perfect match for traditional and Mediterranean houses. If your roofing contractors mix up the roof color and architectural style designs, you will likely end up with a non-uniform look.

The Roof Material

Some roof materials come in natural colors and don't stain easily, while others are quick to absorb paint and stain. Metal roofs are available in many colors. Hence, you get various options. On the other hand, materials with natural colors like tiles and slate limit your color selection. Note that a limited color choice doesn't make the material less desirable.

The Climatic Conditions and Energy Efficiency

A darker roof translates to hotter interior temperatures. The darker the color, the less solar reflective your roof will be. On the flip side, lighter colors reflect more heat away and keep your home cool. As such, your AC's workload and energy costs are significantly reduced. If you live in the south, a brighter-colored roof installation will do better for your house.

The Neighborhood and Prominent Landscape Features

Whereas you want your roof to be unique, you wouldn't want it to stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood. Walk around your neighborhood and note the variations and outliers. After that, please let your pool of roofing contractors select a range of suitable colors and then narrow it down to what suits you best.


Ultimately, you want a color that makes your house pleasant and comfortable. Contact top roofing contractors for inquiries if you still aren't sure about the roof color you want. You will also get guidance on the suitable roofing material for your home. Contact a roofing service such as Sweers Eavestrough and Roofing Co, Inc for more information.