Benefits Of Having A Spray Foam Roof Installed On Your Home That Has A Flat Roof

A flat roof is nice to have on your home since you could use it for a deck. Plus, your home has an interesting appearance when it has a flat roof. You'll have to choose roofing material other than asphalt shingles though since shingles can only be put on sloped roofs.

Common flat roofing materials include membranes, spray foam, and sometimes metal. Metal can be used as long as the slope is built up a little so the roof isn't totally flat. In fact, a flat roof always has to have a slight slope so rain rolls to the side and off of the roof. Here's a look at the benefits of using spray foam for the flat roof on your house.

Spray Foam Makes the Roof Watertight

Spray foam is an excellent roofing material because it is waterproof. It forms flashing as it's sprayed around vents and your chimney, so there's a tight seal that keeps water from rolling down in your attic. There are no seams with spray foam since the foam spreads around to create a single blanket on your roof.

In addition, spray foam can be applied with various thicknesses. This allows the roofer to create a permanent slope as the foam is applied. This causes rain to roll toward your gutters so it won't puddle up on the roof.

Spray Foam Is Energy Efficient

Another reason spray foam is a good choice for your flat roof is that it's energy-efficient. The foam reflects UV rays, and that could help your home stay cooler in the summer so your air conditioner doesn't need to run as much. Plus, the foam acts as insulation in the winter so heat doesn't escape your house as much. This could help control your energy bills in the winter.

Foam Roofing Is Fairly Easy To Install

The foam roofing is sprayed onto the roof as a liquid, and then it expands into foam. The roofer has to wear protective gear to protect themselves from the foam, but the installation process is fairly easy. Spray foam roofing can also go over a number of other types of roofing. This eliminates the need and expense of tearing off the old roof.

Foam roofing gives your home an attractive appearance. It's durable so it lasts a long time. Talk to a roofer to see if spray foam is right for you. You might want to compare the pros and cons against the pros and cons of membrane and metal roofing so you make the right choice for your finances and your home. 

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