4 Places A Roofer Checks When Your Roof Is Leaking

It is impossible to foresee the leaking of a roof. Yet, this is a common phenomenon among many homeowners. Although roof leaks tend to be an inconvenience, the extent depends on how soon you find the leak and the swiftness with which you react to the situation. You also need to be careful how you deal with it. Unfortunately, some people fail to hire a professional, resulting in more frustration.

You may need to contact an expert roofing inspection company to find the leak and fix it. However, finding the leaks may not be an easy task because there are various places where they could originate. Below are a few possible places that a roofer checks.

Leaks in the Chimney

Leaks can originate from the chimney if it does not have a covering. So when it rains, water flows directly into your home. However, chimneys can also leak water due to condensation, cracks in the crown, and damaged flashing. Therefore, a professional roofer needs to check the chimney during the yearly inspection. If there are leaks, the roofer will recommend repairs to get your chimney in excellent working condition.

Leaks from Broken Shingles

If the shingles are damaged, your roof will leak. This mostly happens in older homes where the shingles wear down due to constant exposure to harsh weather. Some shingles may be ripped off, leaving open spaces for water to seep in. The effects are more detrimental after a storm and may therefore require extensive repairs. Depending on the severity of the situation, the roofer may either repair the damaged shingles or suggest a replacement.

Leaks from Cracked Vents

Roof vents are small pipes that are seen protruding from the roof. They have the specific job of sucking out the excess moisture from your home and releasing it outside. Around the vent are the flashing and a rubber boot that seals it. However, cracks can occur if the vent pipes are not maintained, leading to leaks through the flashing, pipe boot, or the vent pipe itself. To deal with this, a roofing inspection expert will check the vents as they are notorious for roof leaks.

Leaks Caused by Ice Dams

Leaks are also common in snowy areas where solid ice forms along the roof's edges, blocking water from flowing down your roof. The dams are so dangerous that they can even rip off the gutters. As a result, water will back up, damage the shingles, and cause leakage. So talk to your roofer about how you can prevent this problem from occurring.

These are the areas known to be notorious for leaks on your roof. Therefore, during routine roofing inspections, roofers will pay attention to them and fix any issues they may come across.

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