5 Tips For Repairing Wind Damaged Shingles

Do you have asphalt shingles on your roof that have been damaged from the wind? If so, you're likely wondering how to repair these damaged portions of your roof. Here are a few tips that can help you do it. 

Loosen The Adjacent Shingles

The first thing you will need to do is loosen the shingles that are adjacent to the damaged shingle. In most situations, this is going to be the shingles located to the left and right of the damaged section, as well as the shingles in the two rows above it. You can use a trowel to break apart the seal on the shingle by moving it back and forth along the edge. 

Remove The Damaged Shingle

You can use a roofing flat bar to remove the nails from the damaged shingle. This can be done by lifting up the shingles directly above it and prying the nails out. There are going to be about four to six nails underneath the shingle in the row directly above it, and the same amount of nails underneath the shingles two rows above it. 

Now the damaged shingle should slide right out from the roof by pulling on it. You shouldn't have to fight it, since if you did that means you missed a nail somewhere. 

Insert The New Shingle

The new shingle should be easy to insert right where the old shingle was located. If you are having trouble, it's possible that there is a nail still in the roof that was never removed. As you slide the new shingle into place, know that there is some roofing tar along the bottom of the shingle that can stick to the surface of a hot roof. That's why you'll want to act quickly when inserting it so that the tar doesn't get on the roof's surface. 

Secure The Shingle With Nails

You should now go back to all those nails you removed and put new nails into the roof to secure your new shingle in place. Make sure you use the right number of nails, since using fewer nails will cause the shingle to potentially suffer more damage. Try to lift the surrounding shingles as little as possible to avoid causing damage. 

Reseal The Shingles

All of those seals that you broke along the roof will need to be resealed. You can do this by using roofing cement in a caulking gun and applying a thin strip of sealant where the old sealant was located. Make sure that the roof lays flat so that it forms a good seal. Look into roofing services near you for more information.