3 Reasons To Let A Roofing Contractor Install Your Cover Boards

Business establishments require durable roofing systems to protect their structure and components from damage. If you want you're covering to last long, install cover boards. They're mounted between the membrane and insulation to prevent various elements from destroying them, plus they add strength to the roof. It's vital to let a roofing contractor install these devices if you want a perfect job. Keep reading to learn why you should let these contractors handle your cover boards:

Manufacturer's Requirements

Installing cover boards requires an individual to follow their manufacturer's instructions carefully. If they're not fastened properly, they can warp due to heat and create ugly ridges on your roof's surface. Roofers know how to install these structures and can interpret instructions well. During installation, they'll fit them loosely to give them enough room for expansion and ensure that the layers have enough gaps between them to reduce bridging. 


After installing cover boards, it's important to walk over them to ensure they're flat. This will keep them from being damaged by strong winds, foot traffic, hail, or heavy machinery. Roofers know exactly where to install cover boards to offer stability and an insulation shield. They'll inspect them and fix areas that haven't formed a flat substrate, minimizing any destruction that may be caused by inclement weather. They'll also ensure that the boards are installed in a way that prevents fire from accessing the insulation. When installed like thermal barriers, these boards resist interior fire and can keep your structure from being consumed. Moreover, roofers know boards with the highest fire code ratings and can help you select the right one for your needs.


It's important to ensure that the cover boards you choose are compatible with your roof's membrane and insulation. Achieving a smooth and stable surface using these boards can be difficult if you have less installation experience. Handling this task yourself could also lead to several irregularities on the substrate that may render the function of the boards useless. Roofers can make your boards compatible with the membrane. They'll follow the manufacturer's recommendations and install these boards so that they'll fit in with other structures on your roof. They'll also ensure they're attractive to enhance your outdoor decor. 

Installing cover boards may seem an easy task. But if it's not done appropriately, you may run into problems with your roofing system. Roofers know what's needed to mount cover boards perfectly. If you hire them to install this structure, you can be sure that your project will be accomplished perfectly on time. To learn more, contact a roofing service such as Weatherguard Inc.