Home Have An Old Metal Roof? Use Metal Roof Restoration System To Restore It

Metal roofs last a very long time but over time they can start to look old. Fortunately, there are many ways you can restore the roof to make it look new again. One of these ways is by using a metal roof restoration system. Below is information on how this works so you will know what to expect. 

Metal Roof Restoration System

Hire a company to use a metal roof restoration system on your metal roof. This is applying a special fluid to the roof to restore it and protect the roof from damage. The special fluid is water-based acrylic and completely coats the roof. The coating is reflective so it reduces heat that can get through a roof. Putting a roof coating on your metal roof will also prevent leaks from happening. 

Preparing the Roof

The company will first prepare your metal roof. They do this by Inspecting the roof for rust. If found, they use a wire brush to remove the rust. If there is a lot of it, the company may choose to use sand blasting or use acid etching. 

The roof is then thoroughly cleaned. The company may do this using special brushes and cleaners, or they may use a power washer and metal roof cleaner. They may also use a brush to scrub stuck on dirt and debris. 

When it is completely clean the roof is rinsed with clean water to ensure all cleaner is removed. Next, the company tightens fasteners and secure all substrates. If there are any damaged or missing washers and fasteners these will be replaced with new ones. Next, the company uses a special blower to remove dust and other debris that may still be on the metal roof. 

Roof Coating Applied

The acrylic roof coating is then applied to your metal roof. This may be brushed onto the roof manually. The company may also use an electronic sprayer to do this job much quicker. This will also ensure the roof coating is put on the roof evenly. They may choose to put a second coat of acrylic roof coating on your roof. If they do, they will need to wait for the first coating to completely dry first. Because of this, it may take a couple of days to complete this project.

Talk with a company like Bunkum Valley Roofing LLC. for more tips on how to keep the roof in good condition in the future.