The So-Called Cons Of Tile Roofs Are Easy To Address

Like any roof material, tile has its pros and cons. Tile is well known for its long life span and low maintenance requirements. It won't attract termites or other insects, and it can help insulate your home and keep energy costs low. However, there are some downsides to tile roofing that are often cited too. The thing is, these downsides are usually easier to mitigate than you might expect. Keep reading to learn how to negate the downsides of tile roofing and enjoy this roofing material to its fullest.

The Weight Of Tile

Tile is heavier than most other roofing materials. You will hear some roofers say that it is too heavy for some older homes to support. This is true, but there are ways that roofers can reinforce roof structures to strengthen them. With these steps taken, almost any roof can support tile. So, don't let the fact that your home is older stop you from exploring tile roofing as an option. 

The Brittleness of Tile

Concrete and clay tiles can be somewhat brittle, cracking and breaking if something falls on them. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of having anything fall on your roof. You can have trees near the roof removed or extensively trimmed back. Make sure any gutters on taller roof peaks are well-secured with sturdy clips so they don't fall onto lower roof peaks.

The Cost of Tile

Tile roofing is more costly than shingle roofing, and in some cases, it can even cost more than metal roofing. However, there are some ways to keep costs down. Choose a more generic tile color, such as terra-cotta or tan. These tiles are usually cheaper than brightly colored or patterned ones. You can also keep costs down by having your roof installed in the spring or fall when roofers are less busy and may offer better prices.

The Algae Potential

Algae do like to grow on tile and can cause ugly, black streaks to appear on its surface. However, there are herbicide sprays that your roofer can apply to the roof to prevent algae growth. Have your roof sprayed yearly, and you shouldn't have to worry about algae.

Tile is not perfect. No roofing material is. However, tile does have a lot of advantages, so it might be worth addressing some of its downsides to make it a more suitable roof material for your home. 

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