3 Things To Know About Built-Up Roofing Systems

Is the roof on your commercial building nearly flat? Does your commercial building need a new roof? If you have answered yes to both of these questions, commercial roof replacement services can install a built-up roofing system on your commercial building. To help you learn more, here are three things to know about built-up roofing systems.

1. Know the Benefits of a Built-Up Roofing System

Another name for a built-up roofing system is a tar and gravel roof. This is due to the fact that a built-up roofing system consists of knit-together layers of asphalt that are topped with gravel. If you do have commercial roof replacement services install a built-up roofing system on your building, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • The roof will be reliable and long-lasting.
  • The roof will be waterproof and also fire-resistant.
  • The roof will provide protection from ultraviolet rays.

One more added benefit is that because of the layers, this type of roof offers better protection from the elements than other roofing systems.

2. Know the Cost of a Built-Up Roofing System

There are numerous factors that affect the cost of commercial roof replacement. Some of these factors include:

  • The amount of time and labor it takes to replace the roof.
  • The accessibility of the roof.
  • The size of the roof.
  • The dumping fees for discarding the old roof.
  • The operating costs of commercial roof replacement services.

One more primary factor that affects the price of a built-up roofing system is the type of material that is used. In many cases, this type of roof consists of gravel, but other aggregates can be used. On average, a built-up roofing system costs around $5,200. This is based on a material cost of $5 to $8 per square foot.

3. Know How Much Maintenance a Built-Up Roofing System Requires

The last thing you want to do after having commercial roof replacement services is to spend a lot of time maintaining it. The good news is, a built-off roofing system does not require a lot of maintenance. To lessen the amount of time you spend maintaining your roof even further, you will want to get the roof inspected on a regular basis. This will help you know about small problems early on so that they don't turn into big problems.

Some of the more common issues with built-up roofing systems include separated seams, undulations, and cracks on the asphalt. When these problems are repaired right away, your built-up roofing system should last for many years.

For more information, contact a commercial roof replacement service, such as Roof Cat.