5 Factors Affecting Roof Repair Costs

Roof repair is often an expensive and lengthy process. However, understanding the factors that affect repair costs is essential to help you prepare for the task.

If you are a homeowner, you will need to repair your roof at some point. For example, wind may blow your roof shingles, or a thunderstorm may cause raindrops to get into your house.

Regardless of the cause, your roof is prone to damage that needs repair by your roof contractor. Find below five factors that influence your roof repair costs.

1. Roof Water Damage

Water can damage your home, and when overlooked, it can lead to secondary problems such as rot or mold. However, it is not easily noticed until you remove your roofing materials.

At times your roofing contractor may give you the scope of work in good faith only to find water damage that was not visible during cost estimates. In this case, your roofer will increase the costs of the roofing repairs.

2. Roof Type

Different roofing materials exist, including tiles, asphalt shingles, and metallic roofs. Also, your roof may be low-lying or high-pitched, flat, or sloped.

Repair costs may differ with the type of your roof. In this case, some roofing types require more labor and material than others. For example,  if your roof is steep, you may incur more repair costs due to the additional safety measures.

3. Roof Repair Scope

The size of the repairs is one of the main factors that affect repair costs. If you have a large damaged area, you will incur a higher repair cost because of the intensive labor.  On the other hand, you will incur lesser costs if you have a smaller damaged area.

You should contact your roof contractor to calculate the square footage, which will help you calculate the roofing costs.

4. Roof Repair Permits

Depending on your area, you will need a permit for your roof repairs. The permit cost varies with the size and value of your home. Thus, consult with your roof contractor to assess the cost of the permit during estimates.

5. Roof Accessibility

The ease of getting to your roof affects the costs of the roofing repairs. For example, if you have a multi-story home, you are more likely to incur higher costs due to the difficulty of roof accessibility. Also, if your roofing contractor needs to bring heavy equipment to the roof, you may incur a higher fee due to the labor and safety measures taken.

Roof repairs are essential to address any existing damage. Consider these factors to ensure you get the correct cost estimates for your repairs.

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