Is Your Vinyl Siding Finally On Its Way Out?

One of the reasons why vinyl siding is so popular is its long lifespan. It does not rot like wood siding or corrode like aluminum siding, which means it can stay looking nice for years to come. But vinyl siding does not last forever. Signs your vinyl siding is on its way out may not be obvious if you just look at the siding from a few feet away. But if you do look more closely and notice any of these issues, it's safe to say you need to replace your vinyl siding relatively soon.

The siding feels loose.

Use your hand and press on the ends of vinyl siding pieces that you can reach easily. Do some of the pieces of siding wiggle around or move under your touch? If so, this generally means that the little pieces of vinyl that allow the siding to hook together are brittle and starting to break away. Siding that moves like this won't give your home much protection from water and the elements, so it is best to have it replaced soon.

You've noticed signs of moisture indoors.

When vinyl siding starts to fail, moisture can start seeping behind it and then make its way into your home's wall spaces. This tends to lead to musty odors indoors in areas near the leaks. You may even see little spots of mold starting to appear on the walls or moist spots on the floor in front of these walls. Since plumbing damage can also cause similar problems, it's wise to have a plumber come take a look before you assume your siding is to blame. But don't be surprised if you find out the moisture is coming in from behind failing siding.

The corner fascia is peeling or falling off.

Most vinyl-sided homes have fascia along the corners to help prevent leaks and keep the siding in place. Often, this fascia will fail and start falling off before the rest of the siding. Nevertheless, if the fascia is falling off, the rest of the vinyl will start showing clear signs of damage before long, too. Replacing the siding now could save you from having to deal with leaks and missing siding in another year or so.

If your vinyl siding seems to be on its last legs, get a couple of quotes from siding companies. Once you know what the project will cost, you can make more informed decisions about replacement.

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