Detecting And Dealing With A Sagging Roof

You've probably heard that sagging roofs are bad and that you should never buy a home with a sagging roof. These statements are true, but they don't really give you a ton of information. If you own a home or are thinking of buying a home, then it's a good idea to know a bit more about sagging roofs. Keep reading for the key facts.

How do you detect a sagging roof?

You can usually tell if a roof is sagging from the ground, but sometimes, you do need to look for the sagging specifically. Back up enough that you can crouch and look at the roof from the gutter line. Does the roof appear to be flat? If part of it dips down at all, then your roof is sagging. Sometimes, the sagging looks like a large piece of the roof has sunken down, and sometimes it is a smaller spot that's depressed.

What causes a roof to sag?

Roofs sag because they have been damaged for a long time, but nothing has been done to address the damage. When shingles start to leak, the water penetrates down to the wood that is beneath them. Over time, the water causes the wood to rot. Eventually, if some pressure is applied to the rotten areas, they sink in, and your roof starts to sag. Sometimes, just the weight of the shingles alone is enough to cause the roof to sag. 

You will often see sagging in areas where the roof is overhung by trees. The trees trap moisture on the roof, which means those areas tend to develop rot and start sagging first.

What should you do about your sagging roof?

If your roof is sagging or you think your roof might be sagging, call a roofer ASAP. They can take a look and let you know how bad the situation is. Sagging roofs always need to be replaced. But in some cases, the sagging may be really severe, putting your roof at risk of collapse. In this case, you may need to stay somewhere else until the roof is replaced. If the sagging is not as severe, you may be able to stay in the home until the replacement is complete.

Sagging roofs are always a serious problem. If you keep your eyes out for damaged shingles, you can generally arrange for repairs before your roof is susceptible to more serious sagging and damage. For more information on damaged roof repair, contact a professional near you.