Why Is My Commercial Roof Cracking? Learn More

Cracks can appear in all roofing systems, commercial and residential. Failure to address the issue can lead to water leaks, mold growth, compromise the integrity of your roofing structure, and lead to health problems. When you notice fissures in your roofing, schedule repair services immediately to avoid further damage. Here are common reasons why your commercial roof is cracking.

High Heat

Intense heat during summer can cause damage to your roofing. High temperatures can curl your shingles or dry up roof tiles due to strong UV rays. The problem will likely get worse with improper installation or using poor-quality materials.

When your shingles develop minor cracks, failure to repair affected areas will lead to larger cracks and leaks. It is prudent to hire an expert to inspect your roof and fix minor cracks, especially during the hot season.

The Impact of Tree Branches

Your roof is susceptible to impact damage from weak branches if your office is close to trees. In some instances, high winds can carry branches that land on your roofing, leading to punctures. Cracks from impact damage are relatively hard to prevent and expose your business premises to elements, compromising your safety. You can avoid these issues by contacting a professional to repair your roof when you notice any imperfections or after an impact.

Foot Traffic

Your roof can crack due to constant foot traffic. When you decide to install something on your roof, you're forced to step on your asphalt shingles or tiles. If you allow regular foot traffic, your roof will experience punctures and eventually suffer extensive damage. Thankfully, a licensed roofer can fix these cracks before progressing into a larger problem. If you must install something on your roof or through it, hire experienced personnel such as a roofing contractor to limit the damage. 


Besides the heat and strong winds, rain can cause cracks in your roofing. Rain in the form of hail storms will likely cause impact damage. Rain can also saturate your roof and then solidify into ice, and this eventually causes your roof to expand and crack in the process. 

On the other hand, metal roofs will experience corrosion due to constant rain exposure causing cracks to develop as rust eats away metal components. Ensure timely repairs to prevent the issue from worsening.

Your commercial roof can crack due to the above factors and more. Thankfully, you can avoid the consequences of a punctured roof with quality repairs, and a professional can check your roof and fix it promptly.

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