4 Confirmation Signs You Need A New Residential Shingle Roof

Your shingle roof will naturally experience wear even with regular maintenance, and at this point, you will need a new roof. While this can be an expensive installation, you need a warm, sturdy, solid structure above your head for a safe home. This article highlights the signs of a shingle roof replacement and when to call a residential roofing expert.

Most Granules Are Missing 

You might notice some missing granules around your porch or in the gutters based on your roof's color. Missing granules leave the shingles exposed, a process referred to balding.  At times the granules may fall off after impact during a storm. If this is the case, there is no cause for alarm because all you need is for your roofer to come in and check if the roof is still intact. Granules will appear in large amounts at the end of their lifespan, so if you keep noticing them even after you have cleaned your porch or gutters, then a shingle replacement is in order.

There Are Damages in the Interior and Exterior

Badly damaged shingles will manifest on the interior and exterior of your structure. Sometimes, your shingle roof may not look like it needs a replacement from the inside, but the exterior part can indicate otherwise. For example, some shingles will be curled-up and buckled, while others may go missing when dealing with asphalt or wooden shingles.

Other shingle materials like metal, rubber, or clay will look dented or cracked. When this happens, vulnerable parts of your shingle roof, such as the valleys, downspouts, gutters, and the slopes, will start leaking as an interior indicator of damage. All these exterior damages indicate you need a shingle roof replacement.

Roof Full of Moss

You should eliminate moss on your roof because they affect your home's curb appeal.  Although moss is not a nuisance when in a small area, they indicate signs of an aged or damaged roof when covering a huge part of your roof.

When left unchecked, moss will reach under the shingles, causing them to lift. This affects capability causing water to seep into your home. It is best to replace a roof filled with moss to avoid extensive damage.

The Roof is Drooping

Whenever you spot droopy parts on your shingle roof, there is a high chance the underlayment is damaged from too much moisture. It will also feel soft or bouncy when you walk on it, and you want it replaced immediately to avoid structural failure.

If you do not inspect your roof, you might miss some of the above signs of a shingle residential roof replacement. Save yourself from the dangers of a failing roof by carrying out proper inspections and performing a timely replacement.