4 Reasons Summer Is A Good Time To Get Your New Roof Installation Done

If your home needs a new roof, then summer is a good time to get one installed. While it's possible to have a new asphalt roof put on any time of year as long as the temperatures aren't too cold, it could be more convenient for you to have a roof installation in the summer. Here's why.

The Long Days Help The Work Go Faster

If you have a typical house, you might get your roof completed in just a matter of days in the summer. Work goes faster since the roofing crew can start earlier in the morning and work later into the evening. Local codes regulate how early and how late the crew can make noise, but they'll have plenty of daylight for getting set up, working, and cleaning up. By working faster, you'll need to put up with the hammering sounds for a shorter period of time.

The Work Might Coincide With Your Vacation

You don't need to be home when your new roof goes on, so you may want to take your family and go somewhere quiet for a few days. You may want to stay close so you can talk to the contractor when the work is over, so discuss going out of town with the contractor and get their advice about you being away.

Since a roof installation makes a lot of noise, and there's a lot of movement and commotion, taking your kids and pets somewhere else could be a good idea so they can stay calm.

You May Be Doing Other Home Improvements Then

Summer is a good time for all kinds of home improvements. If you'll be putting on new siding, painting, or putting in new landscaping, you may want your roof put on at the same time so all your projects will be complete without having disruption ongoing for months. With all your projects complete, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the improved curb appeal of your property for the rest of the summer.

The Weather Is More Cooperative In The Summer

Spring often has a lot of rain and wind, winter has snow and temperatures that may be too cold for installing asphalt shingles. Peak summer temperatures may be hot to be on a roof, but there are still plenty of early morning and evening hours to work. Plus, rain may not be as frequent in the summer. If a shower pops up, the hot sun will dry things out fast so the crew can get back to work. The weather is unpredictable though, so no matter when you have your roof installation done, be prepared for the possibility of weather delays. 

For more information, contact a local company that can help with roof installation or replacement.