Gutter Repair: 3 Signs Your Gutter Is Clogged And Need Repair

One of the most important roofing components that, unfortunately, doesn't get taken care of as much is the gutter system. It's responsible for collecting rainwater that's running down the roof so it doesn't get absorbed by your house's foundation. As such, you won't have to worry about your house getting unstable because the foundation is compromised.

What's more, as long as your foundation doesn't retain excess moisture, you won't have to deal with a mold problem at your residence. Clearly, your gutter system is indispensable and should be maintained in tip-top condition. That's why you should engage roof repair services every time you notice your gutter system is slipping over rainwater. This article will highlight three signs of gutter clogging you should keep an eye out for.

Water Ponding 

If you notice some water is still in your gutter tunnels long after the rain stops, this is an obvious sign of clogging. There is likely an accumulation of leaves and debris at the inlet of the downspout, preventing the water from flowing. In such a case, you can be tempted to climb up a ladder and remove the debris accumulation on your own. However, it's best to contact a roof repair technician who, after clearing the clog, will also address other underlying issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. What's more, your roofer will be careful not to cause any collateral damage, whereas you wouldn't know if you are damaging the gutter until it's too late.

Paint Damage and Rust

Another indication of gutter clogging is paint damage and rust; if you notice paint bubbles and patches of dust discoloration on the gutter material, you should contact roof repair services with your observations. The most plausible explanation for this is water pooling over an extended period, resulting in paint damage and oxidation of the gutter material.

And as you know, the reason water wouldn't go into the downspout is if there is a clog in the gutter. Aside from clearing the clog, your roofer will also peel away the damaged paint and recommend applying a new coat. This way, your gutter isn't predisposed to rust.

Sagging Gutter

Yet another telltale sign of gutter clogging you won't miss is the component sagging. When too much debris accumulates in the gutter tunnel, the weight weighs down the gutter system, causing it to sag and detach from the edge of your roof. Thus, all the rainwater it's supposed to collect ends up being absorbed by the house's foundation. Due to the severity of the situation, you should immediately contact your roofer so that they can address the underlying issue before the gutter is completely damaged.

To keep your gutter system in top condition, don't hesitate to contact gutter repair services if you notice any of the telltale signs discussed above.