Is Metal A Better Gutter Material Than Vinyl?

While vinyl gutters have advantages, metal gutters are often a better investment. What are the benefits of choosing metal over vinyl?

Build a Stronger Guttering System

While vinyl gutters are strong, they aren't always resilient to some kinds of damage. For example, vinyl is a lightweight material. It isn't always strong enough to stay intact if it has to carry high volumes of water or snow on a repeated basis. So, over time, vinyl gutters might start to sag, crack, or even break under the strain.

Metal gutters are stronger. They can hold more water and snow without getting damaged. A metal guttering system will last longer and need fewer repairs.

Get a Seamless Solution

Vinyl gutters are sectional. You build your system by snapping pieces of gutter together. While this is an easy process, it does have some downsides.

If you don't get an exact fit between two pieces of gutter, then they are likely to leak at the seam. Even if you do, you will have seams all along your gutters. These areas can become weak spots.

For example, if a piece of gutter breaks, cracks, or moves out of place, then its seams might not be watertight any longer. Your guttering will leak through every seam that isn't fully connected.

If you use metal gutters, then your contractor typically seals each seam to give it a tight fit. Plus, you can also use seamless products to get rid of this problem once and for all.

If you use seamless gutters, then your roofing contractor cuts the gutters to the exact size to fit the length of the wall. Each area of guttering will be seamless. It is far less likely to leak or develop other weaknesses because it doesn't have any jointed areas.

This isn't an option with vinyl gutters — you can't buy seamless products in vinyl. However, if you use metal gutters, you get more robust seams or no seams at all.

Reduce Long-Term Costs

Metal gutters do cost more than vinyl products. However, metal is often a better long-term investment. This material is often more cost-effective.

If your gutters last longer, then you don't have early replacement costs. If they can hold their own without sagging, cracking, or breaking, then your repair and maintenance costs are also lower.

To find out more about metal gutters and which type of metal is the best fit for your home, ask local roofing contractors for advice.