Roof Hail Damage Services For Different Types Of Roofing

If a recent storm dropped large hail on your roof, it's a good idea to call a roofer to check for damage. When hail damages your roof, the repairs might be covered under your homeowner's policy, but there's probably a window of time you have to file a claim. Plus, a hail-damaged roof could start leaking, so repairs need to be done right away. Here are some roof hail damage services that might be needed for various types of roofing.

Asphalt Shingles May Need To Be Replaced

When hail is large enough or hits with enough force to bruise the shingles, the shingles will probably need to be replaced. You might need your entire roof replaced unless there is just lightly scattered damage. The bruised areas weaken the shingles and might lead to leaking if given time. That's why insurance companies often pay for a roof replacement when there's been hail damage to shingles.

Clay Tiles May Need Cracks Repaired

Clay tiles might crack if hail hits with enough impact. Tiles can often be repaired by sealing the cracks to keep the rain out. If many tiles are cracked, your roofer might recommend a roof replacement. Replacing the tiles could be a better option than trying to repair a roof covered with cracks and broken tiles.

Membrane Roofing Might Need To Be Patched

Flat roofs with a membrane such as rubber, TPO, or PVC, may be punctured by hail strikes. Punctures can cause leaks right away, so they should be patched as soon as possible. Your roofer can cut a patch from the same type of membrane and cover the puncture hole with it. Like other types of roofing, if there are many areas of damage, a new roof may be needed.

Metal Roofing May Need A Panel Replaced

Metal roofing is tough, so it may not get widespread damage from hail. If hail punctures a metal roof, the roofer might be able to create a metal patch and cover the hole. If not, the entire metal panel may need to be replaced. Roof hail damage services are unique for metal roofs because insurance companies might not want to pay to replace a metal roof that only has cosmetic damage.

Hail might dent the metal but not cause any other damage. You'll need a roofer's opinion on whether the panel needs to be replaced and whether you want to pay to have dents removed. If the dents aren't visible from the street and they are only cosmetic, you may decide to leave them alone.