3 Tell Tale Signs That Your Are In Need Of Roof Shingle Repair Services

It can be hard to carefully inspect your roofing shingles without actually climbing up on your roof. Consequently, you may find it difficult to determine when your shingles are in need of repair. Unfortunately, failing to address the need for shingle repair services can result in more severe damage to your roof which will eventually cause your entire roof to need replacing. Thankfully, you can avoid this situation by learning to spot some of the warning signs that your shingles are in need of repair. You can learn more about a few of these tell-tale signs below.

Sign #1: Your Shingles Are Curled Around The Edges  

Roofing shingles that have suffered moisture or weather damage will often begin to curl around the edges rather than laying flat. Repairing this type of damage right away is very important since roofing shingles that are curling can prevent rainwater from draining off your roof and into your gutter system. This type of damage can also result in moisture getting beneath your shingles and causing damage to the underlying structure. 

Sign #2: There Is Moss Or Mold Growing On Your Roof 

Mold and mildew can begin growing on your roof if your shingles have been damaged and are allowing excess moisture to remain on your roof rather than being properly drained away from your home. In many cases, the growth of this fungus will appear as dark spots on your roof. You may also notice that your roof appears shiny or wet in some spots even when it has not recently rained. This type of damage is easiest to spot when viewing your home from a bit of a distance so that you can see large sections of the roof at once. 

Sign #3: You Spot Granules In Your Gutters

Granules are the rough sand-like particles that are on the surface of your roofing shingles in order to help protect them from damage and to provide grip for contractors when accessing your roof. These granules can get knocked off as the result of extreme weather or the aging process. When this happens you will often see evidence of this damage in your gutters and downspout. The loose granules will look like dark-colored sand and will be rather rough to the touch. If you spot a large number of granules in your gutter system, you can be sure that it is time to utilize roof shingle repair services in order to prevent further damage to your roof.