Commercial Roofing: Don't Leave Your Commercial Roof Naked! 5 Benefits Of Coating It

While commercial roofs are designed to resist weather exposure effectively, they can do with enhanced protection. The best way to care for your commercial roof is by coating it. This coating is a thick, elastomeric paint-like material that is applied to the roof in order to protect it from the elements. It can be applied on both new and old roofs. It is an ideal alternative to replacing the roof. What advantages does commercial roofing coating offer?

1. Lower Frictional and Impact Damage

A commercial roof coating can help reduce the amount of frictional and impact damage that your roof sustains over time. This is because the coating creates a smooth surface that is less likely to be damaged by debris or other objects. In addition, the coating can help protect your roof from UV damage, which can cause it to deteriorate over time.

2. Lower Urban Island Effect 

One benefit of coating your commercial roof is that it helps lower the so-called urban island effect. This is when a dark-colored roof absorbs heat, which in turn raises the temperature of the surrounding air. 

This can lead to higher energy costs as you try to keep your building cool during the hot summer months. A white or light-colored roof reflects sunlight, helping to keep your building cooler and your energy bills lower.

3. Cooler Workspace 

In hot weather, an uncoated commercial roof can heat up to temperatures drastically. This heat radiates down into your building, making it difficult to keep cool and comfortable. The coating on commercial roofing has an insulating effect, keeping your building cooler and your energy bills lower.

4. Lower Leakage Risks 

Coating provides a continuous barrier against water and moisture, which can seep into cracks and gaps in the roof and cause leaks. By sealing these openings, a roof coating can help prevent costly water damage to your building. It is an effective remedy for extensive damage, cheaper than replacing the whole roof.

5. Longer Roof Lifespan 

With proper maintenance, the number of years for your commercial roof can be increased. By adding an extra layer of protection, you can help shield your roof from the elements and extend its lifespan. Since replacing a commercial roof is a hefty investment, coating postpones this expense to when it's necessary.

The condition of your commercial roof has a significant impact on your business because it protects your assets and keeps the workspace conducive. Talk to your roofer about installing effective commercial roofing coating on your building.

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