Here's Why Your Commercial Roof Is Different From Your Residential Roof

Commercial roofing construction is a specialized field that requires a different approach than residential roofing. Commercial roofs are often more complex, with a variety of potential features that can make them unique. 

For many reasons, you should consult a commercial roof construction professional rather than a roofer who specializes in residential roofs. Here are some of the key differences between commercial and residential roofing. 

Commercial Roofs Are Larger

Commercial roofs are often much larger than residential roofs, making them more challenging to construct. They may be attached to different types of buildings, like those found in strip malls or large multistory buildings.

This can impact the type of materials used and the installation process. For instance, you aren't likely to use shingles for a large commercial building. Commercial builders know which materials work best for expansive roofs.

Commercial Roofs Have More Weight

The additional size of commercial roofs also means they may be subject to more weight. Heavy commercial equipment, like air conditioners or ventilation systems, need to be properly supported so they don't cause problems down the road.

This extra weight also impacts the type of materials used. For example, commercial roofs may need to be reinforced with stronger materials to support the extra weight. These stronger materials may include extra beams that require more construction.

Commercial Roofs May Have Unique Features

Commercial roofs may have unique features, like skylights or solar panels. These features need to be properly supported so they don't fall. Commercial businesses have to worry about liability, especially when they invite customers and clients onto their property.

Additionally, skylights need to be installed in a way that prevents water leaks. Solar panels need to be attached so they can withstand high winds. While some homes do have these panels and skylights, they are often smaller.

Commercial Roofs May Be Visible to the Public

The roof of a commercial building is often visible to the public. This means it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Residential roofs are also visible, but commercial buildings need to be appealing to potential customers.

This also means that commercial roofs must be easy to maintain. Nobody wants to see a dirty roof with mold and other debris. Commercial roofers can clean and maintain these roofs so you don't turn customers away.

Talk to a Commercial Roofer About These Differences

Commercial roofing construction can be complex. When you're ready to have a commercial roof installed, talk to a commercial roofer about these differences. They will help you select the right materials and design for your commercial construction.

Contact a local commercial roofing construction service to learn more.