3 Things To Do After Roof Storm Damage

During a storm, weather elements, such as wind, hail, and rain, can devastate your roof. You may have to replace or repair your roof depending on the damage. As a result, you may incur a lot of costs. If you have homeowners' insurance, you should ensure you call your insurance company as soon as possible and alert them to the problem.

If you have a comprehensive policy, the company will help you find somewhere to stay temporarily in case your roof is severely damaged.

Here are things you should do after roof storm damage.

Inspect Your Roof

Immediately after a storm, you should ensure everyone in your home is safe. Then, you should remove anything that might pose an accident risk. For example, if you notice your chandelier is hanging loosely on the ceiling or your wall clock is unstable, you should place them in a safer place to avoid being hit in case they fall. After the precaution, confirm if it's safe to go out before you do so.

Once you are out, you should thoroughly inspect your roof for damage. You can use a ladder to climb to the roof or binoculars for viewing on the ground. Observe if there are areas with obvious signs of damage. For example, you should examine your roofing material, gutters, and downspouts.

You should look for wind or hail damage, such as dents, missing shingles, and deformed gutters. Also, inspect your indoor areas, like the attic, and determine if there are water leaks or damage. Moreover, you can use a drone to inspect your roof or check the weather report to see the overall effect of the storm.

Temporary Fixes

You should deal with minor repair issues you can handle independently. For example, if there's a tree branch leaning on your roof that you can safely remove, you should do so. If there are visible leaks affecting your home's interior, you can place buckets under the affected areas. Also, if there are water puddles, you can mop them up. The water can flow to your electrical appliances and cause electrocution or a fire hazard.

Call a Repair Expert

You should call your roofing expert to repair your roof on time. Some problems, like water damage, can get out of hand if you don't act promptly. The professional will care for your roof's repair issues, such as missing or curled shingles, damaged flashing, peeling sealant, and sagged rafters. The roofing expert will also help you estimate the damage and write a quote for your insurance claim. This will assist you in getting a fair insurance assessment.

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