An Overview Of Roof Replacement Basics

Many roofs last multiple decades, but even the most durable roofs eventually wear out and require a replacement. You do not need to understand everything about roof replacement, but a basic understanding of the process is helpful. Below are some things you should do if you need to replace your roof. 

Inspect the Roof

The first step is to inspect the roof. The inspection will reveal two major things. The first is whether you need to replace or repair the roof. The second is the structural integrity of other parts of the roof. For example, you may need to replace the roofing material and other parts, such as the decking. Such details can also help you budget for the replacement.

Make the Major Decisions

You have several decisions to make when replacing a roof. Below are some of them.

Roofing Material

You don't have to replace your roof with the same material it currently has. You can switch from, say, metal to asphalt material. Compare the durability, energy efficiency, and cost of different materials to help you decide.

Overlay or Tear Off

Some people prefer to overlay a new roofing material on the damaged roofing material to save costs. That option may work, but not with every house. The design and condition of the existing roof will determine the possibility of an overlay. Consider also the pros and cons of an overlay before you decide.

Staying Put or Moving Out

Lastly, decide whether you will vacate the home during the project. You can stay put as long as you understand you will have to bear some inconvenience, such as noises and vibrations.

Get Quotes

Get multiple quotes from different roofing contractors; two or three quotes will suffice. Ensure you provide all the roofing contractors with the same information. For example, you should not get a metal roof quote from one contractor and an asphalt roof quote from another. Otherwise, you won't compare the quotes fairly.

In addition, look beyond the numbers when comparing quotes. Consider other things, such as the project timeline and the warranty terms and validity period.

Get Ready for the Work

Prepare your home for the roofing project before the big day. For example, you must remove delicate items from the ceiling and walls since the roofing vibrations might damage them. You should also ensure access to the roof and parking spaces. For example, you should remove any vehicles around the house. The contractor will specify the necessary preparations.

Contact a local roofing replacement service to learn more.