Identifying Problems With Your Roof Deck

The roof deck is a roof component that many homeowners don't think about very often. After all, you can't see the roof deck from the outside of your home. It's covered in shingles or whatever other roofing material you may have. You should, however, be aware of signs that your roof deck is suffering. This way, you can contact a roofer and have repairs made before the damage gets any worse or starts letting water into your home. Here are the key signs to look for. 

Low Spots in the Roof

When you look across the roof, pay attention to any spots where it looks like the roof is sunken in. Every surface of the roof should be flat. If a surface is not flat, then that means the roof deck that underlies your visible roof materials is caving in or collapsing in the sunken area. This damage will only get worse if ignored. A roofer should come to remove the roof materials in that area, take a look at the deck, and replace any parts that are rotten or damaged.

Falling Insulation

Head up into your attic, and take a look at the insulation that has been pressed into the ceiling. If any of the insulation has fallen down, that could be because the roof deck above it is caving in and pressing on it. Take a look at the roof deck in the area where the insulation was previously located. If you see any cracks or missing chunks of wood, contact your roofer. Don't put the insulation back in the meantime. If the damaged roof deck leaks, the insulation will just get wet and be ruined.

Leaks With No Missing Shingles

Often when there is a roof leak, you will be able to see the area where shingles have gone missing from the home. But if you can't see any missing shingles, it might be because the leak is really due to a damaged roof deck. A bit of water might be making it past shingles that are a little cracked or damaged. Usually, the roof deck would stop this water, but if it is damaged, it might be letting the water through. 

Roof decks do fail from time to time. While repairing a roof deck is a pretty extensive project, it is one that most roofers are comfortable with. Get a quote for the repair work, and go from there.

Contact a local roofing company to learn more.