Four Things You Should Ask A Roof Replacement Company

When hiring a residential roof replacement service, you'll be free to ask any questions you might have. It's important to ask questions so that you'll know exactly what to expect and so that you can be an informed consumer. There are a couple of questions, in particular, you'll need to have answered.

1. Ask About the Expenses Involved

One of the questions to ask is how much it will cost to have your roof replaced. A roof replacement can be expensive and you will need to budget for it. The cost of replacing your roof depends on the type of materials you use. Also, there are more and less expensive roofing options. For example, while asphalt shingles tend to be the cheapest, you might want to upgrade by purchasing architectural asphalt shingles.

The roof replacement service will also break down the cost of having your roof replaced. They will explain how much certain materials cost so you can decide which types of materials you want to use. The cost of labor is factored into your roof replacement, but you will save more money by hiring a roof replacement specialist than you will if you try to replace the roof yourself because a roof replacement company can streamline the process and use less expensive materials.

2. Ask About the Roof Replacement Process

Make sure to ask the roofing replacement company about what you can expect from the process. How the roof is replaced depends partially on the current state of your roof and the type of materials your roof will be replaced with. For example, installing roof shingles is very different from installing tiles. 

You'll want to know what to expect so you can decide whether you would like to remain in your home throughout the roof replacement process. You'll also be able to inform your neighbors about what they can expect as a courtesy. 

3. Ask About the Materials Used

All of the materials will be delivered to your home. Make sure to ask about the materials that will be used on your roof. Once they have arrived, you will need to move all of your vehicles from your property so they don't end up damaged by falling debris.

4. Ask About How Your Property Will Be Protected

The roofing replacement service might put safeguards in place to protect your property and make the cleanup process easier. After your roof has been replaced, the roofing contractor will clean up your property and everything will look as good as new.

For more information on a roof replacement, contact a professional near you.