Services Provided By A Residential Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractors generally bring to mind roofing repairs or roofing replacements. You already know to call a roofing professional when you have damage to your roof. What you may not know is there are other services these contractors provide. Before hiring a handyman for various home repairs and needs, consider the following services your roofing contractor provides.  

Window Replacement 

When you are considering home renovations, one area you may be considering is window upgrades. Your roofing contractor can remove, install, or repair windows for you. If you are having new windows installed, your contractor will remove the original window and ensure the casing is the right size for the new window. At that point, they will make any adjustments to the area before installing the new window. Window flashing, seals, and weatherproofing will also be added at this time. Your contractor can also suggest window upgrades that may work better with your environment and style of home. 

Gutter Installation and Replacement

Guttering is an aspect that many homeowners consider during exterior home renovations and upgrades. Though guttering can be installed as a do-it-yourself project, it is best to have gutters professionally installed. Your roofing contractor is skilled at this type of installation. They will know how to attach the anchor points to ensure your roofline and foundation are not damaged. They can also ensure the gutters are properly balanced so they are not pulling on any part of the roofline. The proper installation of the guttering is vital to reducing water damage following heavy winds, rain, and snow. 

Siding Installation 

You may not think of your vinyl or other material sidings when you think of a roofing contractor. The truth is, your roofing contractor can handle the installation of your exterior siding. They can also ensure the siding is installed properly on any area of the roof or around windows and doorways. This proper installation helps reduce the chance of pests as well as water entering the area and causing water buildup, humidity, or water damage. 

If you are considering a home renovation, remodel, or various repairs contact your roofing contractor first. They may be able to handle more of the services you think, which will make your renovations and repairs move smoothly. When you are ready to move forward contact the roofing contractor of your choice. You can then schedule an appointment for an inspection and discussion of the changes, repairs, and renovations you would like to make by using their services. 

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