Interesting Things To Know About Authentic And Synthetically-Made Tile Roofing

Today's homeowners have a variety of roofing materials they can choose for their roof installations. Some materials are synthetic and others such as tile are produced from natural materials. There are synthetic materials that are manufactured to mimic other materials. Synthetic tile options are made from composite and are favorable for individuals who want a more affordable tile roofing solution. The following points identify a few benefits that authentic tile roofing materials allow homeowners to experience. 

Noise Reduction

Some individuals live in noisy neighborhoods. They may find the noise annoying. Tile roofing materials are thicker than other materials. They buffer outside noise that comes from barking dogs, busy highways, children at play, and adult neighbors who have loud vehicles, or a tendency to play loud music. 


Individuals who live in areas will appreciate that authentic tile is durable in inclement weather. It is a heavy roofing solution that is less likely to blow off. If a heavy branch falls on an asphalt roof, it might cause extensive damage. Tile roofs can withstand the weight. If one or more of the tiles get cracked, roof repairs are usually because of the installation process. A tile roof is installed as single pieces and does not rely on other pieces to retain their strength. A roofer could remove the damaged tile(s) and leave the others intact. Interlocking asphalt shingles rely on the strength of surrounding shingles.

Energy Efficient

Tile roofing may offer energy savings to homeowners. The material is constructed to restrict air intrusion which is a common cause of energy loss for some roof materials. Individuals with tile roofs installed can expect their homes to stay cool in the summer and protect against heat loss in winter months.

Environmentally Friendly

Some roofing materials must be disposed of. They cannot be reused or recycled. When tile roofing is removed from homes, it can be recycled. It is less taxing on the environment because it does not require the need to be thrown away in landfills. 

A roofing company is one source to use when comparing composite and authentic. They can assist with comparing materials and explaining differences in warranties. Composite tile is durable and unlikely to outlast true tile. It is also a lighter weight than true tile. Some individuals may have to choose a composite tile if their homes cannot hold the heavy weight of authentic tiles. Both materials offer homeowners the option to purchase custom-colored materials to better complement their homes.