A Roofing Replacement Can Possibly Be Done At Any Time Of The Year

When the weather gets warm, you see more homes getting new roofs. Summer is a great time to get a new roof since the days are long and there are many days with good weather. However, it can take a long time to get an appointment in the summer since roofers are so busy then.

Spring and fall are good times to get a roofing replacement, and winter is even a consideration. Here's how the different seasons affect getting your roofing replacement.


Winter isn't the ideal time to get a new roof since the weather can be unpredictable. Some of the supplies needed to put on a new roof may not tolerate very cold weather, either. If you need a roof in an emergency due to winter storm damage, the roofer might be able to work around problems presented with cold temperatures. If you live in a climate that stays above freezing most of the time, then a winter roof replacement might work out well. Talk to a roofing contractor about getting a new roof in the winter to see if it's best to wait until spring.


Spring is usually a good time to get a roofing replacement. Winter can be hard on old roofing, so taking the old roof off before the rainy season begins is a good idea.

The weather is milder in the spring, and you may spend the season doing yard work and housecleaning, so it's a good time to put a new roof on too. Then you can start the summer with your house in order. Roofers start to get busy in the spring, so plan to talk to a roofer early since there could be a delay before work can begin.


Summer is a busy season for roofing contractors. You may not be able to get a roofing replacement scheduled right away, but you'll still have plenty of nice weather to get the work done before winter. Since the days are long in the summer, roofers can work longer hours and get your roof on quicker. Plus, the temperatures are warm so adhesives and other roofing materials respond well.


Fall is a good season for roofers since the weather is a little cooler and working on a roof is more comfortable. Putting on a new roof in the fall gets your roof ready for the harsh winter season ahead. You might be able to get quicker service in the fall if you decide at the last minute to get a roofing replacement. However, it's always best to plan your roofing work in advance so you don't have to rush to stay ahead of winter or summer storms. 

For more information about roof replacement, contact a local company.