Roof Repair Or Replacement To Protect Your Home

The need for residential roofing repair can occur no matter how old your roof is. In the event of a bad storm, even a new roof can become damaged. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, eventually the shingles will wear out and need to be replaced. When you have a leak in your roof, or you notice any structural problems with your existing roof, it's important to have a residential roof repair specialist come and do an inspection. If you need to have your roof repaired, or you need a new roof replacement, a roofing contractor will be able to provide you with an estimate for the cost before the work is done on your home.

When You Have Water Leaks

There are times when the roof of your home may leak. This can occur because of damage to your roof, or because the roof is no longer able to protect your home from the elements. If you have a water leak, a roofing contractor will come to inspect the roof. The problem could be in one area of your roof, and be an easy repair. If you have systemic damage throughout your roof, you will be told that a new roof should replace the existing one to keep out the rain.

If Your Asphalt Shingles are Ruined

Asphalt shingles deteriorate over time. You might notice some light fading, or start to see that the shingles are curling. If you have found shingles on the ground because they have come loose, this could indicate that your roof shingles are too old to protect your home. Shingles can start to disintegrate, and you may see asphalt granules on the ground. When your asphalt shingles are falling apart, it's time for a roof replacement.

When You Have Storm Damage

Storm damage can occur in one area of your roof, or be a major problem throughout your roof. Excessive winds, tree limbs falling, and torrential rain can wreak havoc on your existing roof. If you find limbs on your roof after a storm, a residential roofing contractor can come to inspect your roof to see if there is any damage.

It's important that you have a roof that can protect the structural integrity of your home. If you have a leak, get this checked out immediately to figure out if it can be repaired. Pay attention to your shingles, and call for help when you have a roofing problem.